It is necessary to have a Guru?

Theorically no. Practically, yes. Our present era is one in which we are so sunk in the apparency and delusion, that guidance is needed.

How can we know a real guru? How can we tell the degree of one’s realization? A fully realized being has an inner peace that can not be disturbed. One is completely selfless and his or her every act is for others only. One is equal-minded toward all. Is desireless, fearless. Love that is all givingness. Expect nothing from anyone. Every moment in oneness with IT. To the degree that One has all the above qualities, is the degree of One’s realization.

On the stage called Earth a Realized one plays act a character as a human and knows One Self as divine.One sees no contradiction between human and divine. One merely sees the world as in One rather than external to him or her. The unrealized one sees the world as external.

Lester Levenson

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