Meditations by Laura (NEW)

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Self is guilt-free (NEW)

Celebrating Silence

Naturally conscious

Welcoming background.

Nothing needs to be change.

innate calmness

To think or not to think?

All happening by itself.

Just welcoming…


Goal less

The Present

Welcoming: morning & evening

Celebrating Oneness

Open more and more…


Natural welcoming…

Holding on or not Holding on

Be… thought free


…just the way it is…

Celebrate Silence

The breathing of the heart

Reaction Free

The only choice

Freeing the belief of being a limited body

What is the purpose of welcoming?

You… Happiness

KISS (Keep it Simple Sweetheart)

Free Open

“Slave – Master”

Ever loving Being

Natural openness

Holidays meditation

Goal free

Body free

The living question

freer and freer


The sound of peace

The story-less background

The Presence of Awareness

Be aware of the inner experiencing

Celebrating what we are

Open Silence

Divine Will

Unlimited openness

Conscious investigation

Surrender to the moment

Keep it simple

Conscious welcoming

It is just happening

That which is hearing is free

Exploring Experiential Knowledge

Freedom above everything


The Divine name

The Silent Background

Open interest

Abiding in Awareness 

Agenda free

Honoring Silence

Honoring Intelligence

Divinity Itself

Open Welcoming 

just relax

Unchanging Openness

Singular oneness

Inner centerlessness

You are meditation itself

Already naked

Unconditional welcoming

The Self is All

Being what You are

Ever welcoming…

Discovering the Welcoming that You are

Open to the freedom You are

centerless center

Let yourself be…

Just Be, just Now

Aware Exploration

Being the Love that is

True Love

The Knowingness that You are

Aware Investigation

That which is

The Unlimited Instant

The Sweet Being

The Natural Welcoming

Life is what You are

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