Lester’s Gift a direct path to the only true destiny


The Desireless path, has three inspiring examples that we know of, Buddha an oriental master during 527 AC. St Jhon of the Cross, a western master of the XVI century from a catholic background. And from a scientific background Lester Levenson, a western master of the XX century.

Buddha clarifying that the cause for suffering is Desire, announced “the four noble truth.” St Jhon of the Cross announced the desireless path as “the nothing, nothing path” leaving a self- explanatory drawing.

Lester Levenson (physicist) announced one noble truth: “You must desire freedom more than the world.”

Lester Levenson, an scientific mindset of the 20th century (1909-1994) discovered and shared the simplicity of how the dynamics of the sensation-desire mechanism (which Buddha recognized as dukkha*) operates in order to “maintain” itself. He shared the clarity of how You this ever free Self, this ever present Self, liberates Itself  from the imaginary desiring-dukkha, or lacking-sensation, and rest as what You are, imperturbable Peace.



*The Pali word, dukkha, means “incapable of satisfying” or “not able to bear or withstand anything”: always changing, incapable of truly fulfilling us or making us happy. It would in fact, be terrible if we did find satisfaction in the sensory world because then we wouldn’t search beyond it; we’d just be bound to it. However, as we awaken to this dukkha, we begin to find the way out so that we are no longer trapped in the sensorial realm of consciousness.

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