Maya by Robert Adams


Everything that you feel, hear, touch, smell and taste is maya.
Everything is maya, the grand illusion.
Most of us really do not understand what maya really is.
My trying to explain Maya is maya.
Everything that your eyes behold,
that you believe is so important, is maya.
Everything that you hear,
everything that you read,
everything that you try to do to better yourself, it is all maya.

The water in the mirage, that is maya,
something that appears to be real,
but upon investigation you find it is not.
The whole world is like that.
The whole universe is like that.
Do not be fooled again.
Do not take anything seriously.
Turn within, do not react.

The turmoil, the chaos that appears to be in this world,
is not the truth. It is not reality.
It is something that comes and goes.
This too shall pass.
But your center is God, Consciousness,
Absolute Reality, Brahman.
Those are all synonymous.
That is the peace that exists.

~Robert Adams

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