Ramana Maharshi’s teaching



“The mind is nothing but the thought “I”. Thoughts arise because of the thinker.” “The thinker is the sense of separation that when sought automatically dissolves.”


“The more you get fixed in the Self, the more the thoughts collapses by themselves.”


“It one remains quiet without abandoning the understanding of simply being, the individual sense of the thought – form I am the body, it dissolves by itself.”


“And ultimately the final thought. The “I” thought will also be extinguished, like camphor that is burned by fire…this alone is Realization.”


“To succeed bring the mind back by fixing it in the Self every time it turns outwards.”


“The real state of effortlessness its permanent.”


“There are not stages in realization or degrees in liberation.”


“There are not levels of reality only levels of experiencing for the individual.”


“When you give up thinking of outwards objects and prevent your mind from going outwards and turn it inwards and fix it in the Self, the Self alone remains.”


“Engage yourself in the living present, the future takes care of itself.”


“If anything can be gained which was not present before, it can be lost. Where the Absolute is eternal here and now.”

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