Sayings by Lester Levenson

“There is something more beautiful than nature — it is the Source of nature — the ultimate beauty — God.”


“If you stop thinking for one moment, you would discover what you are.”


“You are an unlimited Being. You always were and you always will be, you have not choice in that. Your only choice is to identify with your unlimited Beingness, or to identify with your self imposed limitations.”


“If with intense interest, you want to know: What am I? What is this world? What is my relationship to it? — if there’s a real burning desire to get the answer, — then all other thoughts drop away and the mind becomes naturally concentrated.”


“Some of us are seeking Happiness where it is and as a result are becoming happier. And others are seeking it blindly in the world where it is not and are becoming more frustrated.”


“Look away from the body. Look away from the mind. Look toward the beingness that you are and never stop until you fully discover that Thou Art That!”


“All of a sudden it’s here and you realize it’s always been here, that up until now you have been looking away from it by deluding yourself into thinking you are a body and mind.”


“Become everything instead of nothing. Become everything and you need nothing. Desire is lack and the consciousness of separation, the source of all trouble.”


“The original state for all Beings is Love. Our troubles are due only to our covering over this natural state.”


“If we don’t like what’s happening to us in the world, all we have to do is change our consciousness — and the world changes for us!”


“The only growth there is, is the freeing of the sense of separation.”


“Our real nature, the infinite real self that we are is simply us minus the sense of mind.”


“The more you quiet the mind, the more you feel the Self — and the better you feel. You feel as good as your mind is quiet.”


“Your thought force either helps or hurts the world’s spiritual progress and is consequently hurting or helping yourself”


“No one can do anything to us. No one can do anything for us. Someday you’ll see this.”


“Develop the habit of honest introspection by asking yourself, — whenever did I cause this to happen to me!”


“We can’t have a sick body without holding a mental picture of sickness. It’s impossible to hold anything in the body that’s not in the mind.”


“If you could let go of thinking, and in just one easy thought with no other thoughts around — think, ‘I am perfect,’ you’d instantly have a perfect body.”


“A miracle is done with knowingness. All it takes is a knowingness in your mind and it is done.”


“Life in the world should consist of only two things — that we help us grow — and that which help others grow.”


“The world as world is one long sadness. The world as self is one constant joy.”


“Discover who the sufferer is and on discovering this — you will find all joy.”


“Marry to help the other one get realization. Marry only to help the other one fully know God — that should be the basis for marriage.”


“The unrealized person sees the world as running him, the realized person sees it as his own projection and therefore he can run it, it cannot run him.”


“The more we develop love, the more we come in touch with the harmony of the universe and then our life becomes more beautiful, more bountiful and more delightful.”


“Karma comes to an end when one realizes it —  as all in the mind — and one is not one’s mind.”


“The stability of one’s peace is the best measuring stick for one’s growth.”


“The all quiet state is such a tremendous state, that it can never be put into words. The words ecstasy, euphoria, bliss, nirvana, don’t describe it really — these only allude to it.”


“A person can control a whole nation, but if they cannot control their own mind, what kind of control do they have? They are victims of their own mind.”


“The reason why so few of us make it is that most of us have a stronger sub-conscious desire to be a physical body than we have a conscious desire to be a free unlimited being.”


“Those who did go all the way they did not abandon their bodies, homes and families. They only abandoned their former feelings of bondage and attachment to their bodies, homes and families, and in place of it felt free.”


“A concentrated mind is the secret of success in the realization of Truth.”


“Our rate of growth is directly proportional to the intensity of the desire for it.”


“In Oneness language is useless as all is known.”


“Realization is either easy or impossible.”












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