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Laura’s interest for the Truth started early on during her childhood, but was fully ignited when meeting Lester Levenson in the late 70′s. It blossomed into a close association that lasted until his passing in 1994. Lester Levenson, whose awakening had happened without a prior meeting with a “teacher,” introduced her to the beauty of non-duality and Ramana Maharshi’s teachings. A few days after his passing she met Robert Adams, a spiritual teacher of the Advaita tradition, a direct disciple of Ramana. It was the beginning of another wonderful spiritual friendship.

She is available to share the peace and causeless joy that emanate from our real nature with those whose main purpose is to fulfill their true destiny.






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  1. telessila says:

    Dear Laura,
    Thank you for having saved me. Some two months ago, because of a sudden problem of financial nature, I had lost all my strength and consequently I had started doing wrong moves. But fortunately, simultaneously, the right moment, I saw by accident your site. Firstly, I read your view on happiness and it was the best I had ever read on this so common subject. Then I listened to your second meditation and it “reversed”my soul. As a matter of many some years ago I had for long gone through the Sedona Method, yet, you go much futther and together with the so matching ” I am nothing ” of R. Adams you bring freedom. (I see that in effect you both say the same thing). I have already made some orher attempts to contact you but without success. Nevertheless, today and having done your meditation many times I feel I am much better helped with my problems generally.
    Thank you again many times Laura.
    Laura, where do you live? I would like at least to be able to call you.
    My warmest greetings,

  2. telessila says:

    Dearest Laura,
    Thank you for your generous reply. In Greece we have ten hours forward time difference from California. I could call you through Skype any time.
    By the way I tried to listen to your previous (October) recording but it had expired.

    All the best.

  3. Laura Lucille says:

    Dear Telessila,

    Sorry about the expired audio. I will look into it.
    Meanwhile you can let me know when is most convenient. for you to ccordinate a meeting or spontaneously approach me if you see me connected on Skype. Since you know my address you can ask me to accept you or you can send me your address an I will ask you an instead.
    Looking forward to hearing from you

    Much love:)

  4. telessila says:

    Dearest Laura,
    By best greetings first of all. I would like to ask you how I can participate in your meditation tomorrow, through hootless com? I don’t know how to participate in a conference through Skype.

    You keep helping me.
    Love Telessila

  5. telessila says:

    I would like to share Laura’s response to my New Year’s wish to her “Love and Health”:
    “Love and Health it’s natural when not ignoring what you are the Presence of the present … ever present…

  6. nitiarora says:

    Dear Laura

    Do you offer Satsangs or sessions on Skype? I would really like to connect with you and ask you some of my burning questions related to awakening.


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