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Laura’s interest for the Truth started early on during her childhood, but was fully ignited when meeting Lester Levenson in the late 70’s. It blossomed into a close association that lasted until his passing in 1994. Lester Levenson, whose awakening had happened without a prior meeting with a “teacher,” introduced her to the beauty of non-duality and Ramana Maharshi’s teachings. A few days after his passing she met Robert Adams, a spiritual teacher of the Advaita tradition, a direct disciple of Ramana. It was the beginning of another wonderful spiritual friendship.

She is available to share the peace and causeless joy that emanate from our real nature with those whose main purpose is to fulfill their true destiny.






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  1. larrykinn says:

    Hoping to make contact with Laura after our meetings in Tampa

  2. syddha says:

    May I receive information about working with you? I don’t see any links on your website about how to contact you. Do you offer coaching? Thanks!

  3. Iwona says:

    Dear Laura,
    Thank you for your beautiful post from Lester Levenson “It is necessary to have a Guru?” It matches my burning question and since it is not possible to get written answer from the teachers I listen to, I will try to ask you: Is there a difference between receiving the teaching from online media and from being in the physical presence of one specific teacher?
    In the last two years I have mainly occupied my time with reading and listening to the teachings of the direkt path and with self inquiry which happend naturally. For two months ago I had a big insight which helps me a lot in daily life.
    Often it is mentioned, how important it is to find a teacher. I listen to several advaita teachers like Rupert Spra, Francis Lucille, Adyashanti… and find it very enriching. I sometimes feel I need a direct and intimate conversation with one teacher, which could see trough all my blockages and give me more tailor made instrucions. On the other hand almost all my questions have been answered in the satsangs.
    Could you write a little bit more about this subject?
    Thank you for being here.
    With love – Iwona

  4. Laura Lucille says:

    Dear Iwona,

    Better now than later:)
    I am just seeing your post. If you like to have your message read when sent. You can send it to my direct mail: lauralucille1@gmail.com
    “It is necessary to have a Guru?”
    Theorically speaking, not. Experientially speaking yes. We need all the help we can get.
    Due to the deep sense of identifying first with being a body mind, and secondly being separate from the all.
    Yes, you may have insights when being in your own. Bur a life teacher with whom there is approachability not necessarily speaking to but being on direct contact it’s infinitely powerful.

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